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The Foot Clinic®
offers complete mechanical foot care for the entire family, from children, the elderly, athletes and sports enthusiasts, to high risk feet.

The Foot Clinic offers its clients a wide range of services, which include:

Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessments
This involves joint measurements, muscle testing, computerised/video and visual gait analysis and footwear evaluation. On completion of these assessments your podiatrist can evaluate the possible causes of pain or injury and determine an effective treatment plan.

Orthotic Therapy
Orthotics can be very useful in relieving postural pain in the back, hips, knees, legs and feet. Prescription Functional Foot Orthoses are designed to alter the mechanical forces that are applied to the foot and other structures including the knees, hips and back. In altering these forces the practitioner is able to reduce stress on these structures aiding recovery from injury and preventing further injury.

Children’s Foot Problems
Walking assessments, growing pains, sporting injuries.

What can you do?

The Foot Clinic treatments are individually tailored. Our experts provide specialised treatment for soft tissue injuries, sporting injuries and mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb using specific exercises, footwear and customised/prescription orthotics. The aim of the treatment is to resolve the symptoms by addressing the causes.

To book an appointment, contact us on 061-446454 (Limerick Clinic).

Did you Know?
You have 26 bones 19 muscles and 30 joints in each of your feet and these work to keep you balanced and support your body. The foot is a remarkable structure however occasionally there are malalignments that can cause problems. These problems commonly result in flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, corns and callouses, symptoms can often present further up the body in the knees, hips and back resulting in pain in these regions.

Pain in the joints further up the body can be related to the foot and its posture.

Biomechanics is the understanding of these relationships. Using this knowledge we can alleviate pain by making adjustments to the mechanics of the foot.

The Foot Clinic