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At The Foot Clinic and Riverview Clinic® we specialise in treating back pain, sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions. We passionately believe that our people are far and away our most valuable asset. We're hugely proud of their talents, enthusiasm and achievements - and their commitment to helping us strive towards making a positive difference in all our work. We are continually seeking talented, enthusiastic and self-motivated professionals and support staff to join our growing team. If you would like to find out more about working in Riverview Clinic® in any of our locations, please contact:

Riverview Clinic,
3 Broad Street,

Practitioners in the following disciplines are being sought for our Cork & Limerick Clinics.
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Osteopaths,
  • Chiropodists,
  • Rehabilitative Pilates Instructors,
  • Nutritionalists,
  • Psychologists/Counsellors,
  • Acupuncturists,
  • Personal Trainers (rehabilitation)
We are also welcoming applications from other complementary disciplines

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